Frequently asked questions

  • Is it possible to try the platform?

    This in one of the most common question and we would like to explain why we don’t offer free trial as company policy. We offer supports on first installation and configuration and this is one a reason too, but it is not the mainly. The volume analysis is not a crossover of two moving average, but it require before a deep study through courses which teachs you the basics like what is a volume profile and so on, and then it requires several months of studying and seeing the prices goes up and down, at leat six months or one year before to get an objective benefit from it; you could think that it is a lot of times, and it could scare you but it shouldn't because you have always to think this how many doctors or anyone else study before do their job, and the trading is not different from other works, maybe harder. It can gives you high results, but you can't think to achieve it on short time and without studying.

    Of course it is different for someone else who already uses other platforms or knows about volume analysis, but since we cannot know it, this kind of users can appreciate our jobs and just try one month in order to understand and try the platforms

  • Data feed is not included on the platform, please look at our page in order to get more info The monthly exchange fees are the following:

    • 1.2€ for Borsa italiana, but some brokers decide to gift it
    • 3$ Bundle CME Level 1, which includes CME, CBOT, NYMEX and COMEX
    • 3$ Bundle CME Level 2, which includes CME, CBOT, NYMEX and COMEX
    • 20€ Eurex Level 2

    At the exchange fees you have to add the monthly cost of the data services, which depends on several factor. About the foreign data feeds:

    • CQG costs 1$ at months and it is available just through a broker
    • Rithmic costs 20$ thought a broker, while it costs 50$ directly and you can subscribe it via our personal area

  • Direct bank transfer, credit card or paypal account

  • Please contact us

  • Inside the customer account’s page, there are about 8 hours of video tutorial, where we expalin how to use platform for the technical side, namely: open a chart, insert indicator and so on. We also have scheduled meeting, where our customers can ask question on live Zoom and daily meeting where we explain one topic about each day

  • Yes, we offer phone supports thourgh Zoom, TeamViewer or AnyDesk. Customers can also contact us thourgh mail.

  • Please visit our prodcut page: VolAnalyzer

  • We have thought a platform for people who have not so much time and that would like to study at weekend. The platform has all the features of the normal one, but you can only see historical data. Since you just have EOD data, you don't need a datafeed, but you can replay past days and simulate on it like you were real with the Replay Tick Data features

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