VolSys® and VolBook® - new versions

Release note for new versions

Wednesday, August 3, 2022

It' s now available the new versions of VolSys® and VolBook® with some new features, even if the principals are a new structure for the managment of the data feed and the support for "Stop limit" order type.

VolSys®, 11.6.6:

  • Stop limit order
  • Point & Figure chart
  • Annotation snap
  • Review of bar width based on volume algo

  • New indicator "Session marker" for highlight importants point of asia, europe and american sessions.
  • Enhanced TPO Profile indicator with the possibility to highlight imbalance, open letter and close letter

  • Added projection to Session imbalance indicator

  • Relpay tick data on expired contracts
  • Added Delta COT to OFV
  • Background based on dominant volume on OF
  • Color volume indicator based on price slope
  • Highlight stocks which are on auction on the scanner
  • Added exponential moving average to scanner
  • Bug fix

VolBook®, 9.0.0:

  • Added bid and ask volume line on CVD indicator
  • Possibility to zoom and scroll che second y axis
  • Show only RTH session on Volume profile
  • Added tick value to ruler
  • Stop limit order
  • Bug fix

Money managment

In both platforms we have developed new features for the money managment, which will be described in an other article.

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