VoAnalyzer is a property indicator suite which allows the less experienced users to start understanding the volume analysis, providing information of the main volume action like aborptions, pressure, acceleration and exhaustion.

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What does the plugin do?

As we always say, the volume analysis is not easy because in order to have a benefit you need to know and understand several information and you need to be able to correlate them faster on realtime in order to take trading decesion and this is why we have developed this plugin.

The plugin collects various information sourced by volume profile, order flow, time and sales, plotting them into a single chart in order to semplify the reading of the market.

VolAnalyzer runs on the VolSys, but since it is not a common volume indicators, but it is the result of a deep studying of the market, we have decided to not include it on the base version of the VolSys® so you can buy it as an addon



As said before, the volume analysis is not so easy and of course the most difficult thing is the analysis of the order flow, also known as Footprint®; this indicator, the VolSignal, just not only analyzes the order flow of the bar, but it also combines it with the order flow from different timeframes combining them with the volume profile indicator.

The result is the detection of the following thing:

  • Pressure and absorption zone
  • Acceleration box
  • Exhausting of the pressure


VolSwing allows user to put in relation the price action with volume leg, detecting immediatly the following information:

  • The total volume of the effort
  • Box colored based volume delta
  • Divergence of breakout
  • No effort e No result


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