VolSys® and VolBook® - new versions

Release notes of the new versions of the platforms, including integration with dxFeed for American shares with the 20-level book, Eurex available with the VolRT, Italian translation and much more

Thursday, September 16, 2021

Goodmorning everyone,

after several months of waiting, the new versions of the platforms are ready with many innovations, both from an infrastructural and functional point of view, and certainly among the most important is the integration with dxFeed and the support of multi-language.

dxFeed - data flow

dxFeed is an information service that can be subscribed with a monthly subscription without the need to open any account and which supports the following markets:

  • CME Group
  • Eurex
  • US stocks

We advise our users who temporarily use IQFeed to switch to dxFeed for various reasons, including:

  • Full depth support (infinite book) on CME Group
  • Greater reliability and stability of the connection

For more information on prices and to subscribe to the service, it is necessary to follow the procedure from this page .

dxFeed - American stocks

We have completed the integration of level 1 and level 2 on the VolSys® with the 20 book levels, while we are still working to integrate the full depth into the VolBook®; all listed shares are available, even penny stocks. Given the nature of trading on shares, we remind you that it is very important to have a shape of the profiles and a footprint that can be analyzed, the Auto Grouping functionality of the same; we therefore recommend enabling it in all templates that will be used for actions.

Eurex - VolRT

It is also available the subscription of the Eurex directly with the exclusive data flow that we already have for the Italian shares, namely the VolRT ; it is particularly advantageous for those who already have a subscription for the Italian stock exchange, as with the addition of about € 25 (including market expenses that amount to about € 20) per month they can also receive Eurex with a depth of 15 levels . The data quality is the same as that available through CQG or Rithmic.

Multi-language and Multi-theme

We have integrated the ability to change the UI language and theme with the following options:

  • Tongue:
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • English
  • Theme:
  • Dark
  • Blue

In order to change the settings you need to go to Options-> Options and set the chosen theme / language.


It is now possible to connect multiple accounts to the same data feed, i.e. it is possible to connect, for example, two CQG accounts at the same time and choose in each window which one you want to trade and transmit the orders with.

VolBook® - new features

We have developed new features and indicators within the platform, in particular:

  • Volume colored in fading according to the delta
  • VolSwing
  • Double scale for indicators
  • CVD filtered
  • Marker with test on the chart for indicators such as absorptions, icebergs, stops, etc.
  • Order history on graph
  • Possibility to lock Y axis
  • Replay trading
  • Alert delay on chart

VolSys® - new features

Regarding VolSys®, there are the following new implementations:

  • Ruler, activated with crosshair by holding down the left
  • Possibility of placing auction orders on SIM
  • Daily delta on OFV
  • Select which indicators affect self-centering
  • Session imbalance as an indicator (first market hour)
  • Alert on SuperTrend
  • New indicator, SuperTrend Difference, measures the distance between price and ST
  • Custom text on horizontal lines and horizontal rays
  • Line extension thickness on Bar POC settable
  • Order history on graph
  • Minor bug fixes


Among other things there is also the possibility to change the time zone of the platforms and also you will receive a notification for all the daily webinars that we will do.

Are you intersted on what you are seeing?

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