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We have accumulated a wealth of experience in trading italian stocks and futures markets about volume and order flow analysis.
Our is a team made up of traders and programmers with years of experience.

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Our goal is not just to sell a platform, but we also want to help traders on his route giving him a series of services

Phone support

We offer phone support in order to help trader on first installation and configuration about both platforms and data feed/broker

Otherwise we have a daily meeting where we provide technical formation about features and indicators


Two weekly appointment with market open for analyze the markets and discurss about errors made by our costomers and so on; events are hosted by Volumetrica staff and by our VEducators

Since it is needed a bit of knowledge about volume analysis, they are opened only for customers who have done a course with our VEducators

User community

Our customers can join to our private telegram group where there are also our VEducaotrs and where it is possible to ask questions about the platforms, share analysis and trade in order to compare with other traders

Business consultancy

In addition to the technical support for the platforms, thanks to our experience on the environment, we are available by phone for free consultancy in order to know which data feed is better to use, how to get it and what markets are available

We also offer supports for connecting the platform of the broker with the our platforms

Main Features

Volumetrica Trading offers professional trading and analytical platforms designed for order flow analysis, developed by a group of individual traders.

They have all you need for fast and convenient market evaluation – Adv. Time And Sales, Adv. Chart, Correlation Viewer and HFT algorithms tracking. Our platforms process the order flow data and display it in an innovative and intuitive way.

We also allow users to trade the market directly to our platforms. We provide one-click chart and dom trading in order to help scalper and day traders.

VolSys offers the most poweful indicators (Volume Profile, Order Flow Analyzer, etc) in order to understand the market movements through the volume analysis, while VolBook offers an innovative way to view the depth of the market.



  • Time, Range X, Volume, Tick, OrderFlow and VolBar charts
  • Clustering of data. Each bar can be viewed “from the inside” (it can be seen what volumes, bids, asks, deltas were on each price of the given bar)
  • Linked object charts In any chart, you can easily view graphic objects such as trend lines, retracements, fan lines and more, of any other chart in the workspace
  • Display of large market spikes in the chart. It is possible to create any number of filters for orders which will be displayed in the charts. (BigTrades Indicator)
  • Automatic grouping of the ticks that make up the Volume Profile and the OrderFlowBars, for an immediate and intelligent visualization of Big Players interest points
  • Bar chart of volumes with the possibility to choose initial and finite interval (display options: Volume, Trades, Bid-Ask, Delta, Icebergs).
  • A whole range of innovative indicators allowing transformation of order flow into a comprehensible form, easy and clear for visual perception.

Dom and Chart trading

Our platforms are built for scalp-intermediate traders, so we have developed a one-click trading from chart and dom.

We also allow user to build custom OCO strategy (Order Cancel Order), in which way you can break your position in small pieces and close them at different prices

We also provide an internal simulation where our customers can simulate order and strategy; since we think that simulation is very important for traders, we have made a big effort in order to build a simulation as much real as possible and we can say that on the most liquidity instruments, the profit and loss and the execution are realiable at almot 95%.

Replay Tick Data

Along with the simulation, Replay tick data is also an other important features because it allows trader to review past days in order to understand their errors on the market; it also very usefull for case study because you can view past days as you were in realtime, with different speed and simulate on past days too.



VolBook® offers an innovative way to view the depth of the market. Book liquidty chart helps traders to identify support and resistence book zone.

You can also view buyers and sellers acceleration thanks to Volume Bubbles indicator.

Chart Dom

To help scalp traders, we have developed a chart dom where you can insert orders directly from chart with only one click.

You can also attach oco strategy at each order to customize stop and target prices

Are you intersted on what you are seeing?

If you want more information about our services, please contact us leaving your email or mobile phone.

About us

Volumtrica Trading has born on the 2018 with the goal of creating an environment based on professionalism around the volume and order flow analysis, which are the based of our trading platforms, VolSys® and VolBook®.

Since we don't want to sell just a platform, but we want to help the traders on them route, we offers a support for the technical use of the plaforms, even if it is limited to the understand of indicators and configurations of the platform, becuase we don't offer training or course.

if you are interested on training, you could contact our official educators that use our platforms.

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