ADVANCED Time & Sale

Starting from late 2009, you almost never see the real size of the executed orders in the ordinary NinjaTrader or Sierra Chart tape (Time and Sales). Almost every (especially large) market order is broken into small pieces. For example, a 200 lots market order can be displayed in your ordinary tape in many individual prints. Since 2009 tape reading became very complicated, making conventional tape much less useful.
Our version of tape (Advanced T & S), combines individual prints back together (the way it used to be before 2009) so that you can easily see the actual market orders to their full extent. There are also filters available in the Advanved T&S so you easily sense what the bigger/smaller traders are doing at the moment

It is also possible to enable two filter levels, with relative sound alarms.

Also the Advanved T&S is capable of displaying some other essential information including Iceberg Orders and Quantity Order entered associated at the trades executed.


  • Time, Range X, Volume, OrderFlow and VolSys ® charts
  • Clustering of data. Each bar can be viewed “from the inside” (it can be seen what volumes, bids, asks, deltas were on each price of the given bar)
  • Linked object charts In any chart, you can easily view graphic objects such as trend lines, retracements, fan lines and more, of any other chart in the workspace
  • Display of large market spikes in the chart. It is possible to create any number of filters for orders which will be displayed in the charts. (BigTrades Indicator)
  • Automatic grouping of the ticks that make up the Volume Profile and the OrderFlowBars, for an immediate and intelligent visualization of Big Players interest points
  • Bar chart of volumes with the possibility to choose initial and finite interval (display options: Volume, Trades, Bid-Ask, Delta, Icebergs).
  • A whole range of innovative indicators allowing transformation of order flow into a comprehensible form, easy and clear for visual perception.


VolSys offers a fully customisable volume profile indicator with automatic tick grouping. It can be applied to different periods : Visible Bar, Session (Hour,Daily,Weekly), Composite or custom range. Volume profiles can be plotted as Total Volume, Delta and Ask/Bid Split Volume.
To work with long-term charts, we also offer the possibilty to build an hypothetical volume profile based on minute bar data.


Order Flow analyzer is one of the most important indicator in volume analysis because you combine price, volume and order flow in a single bar. It helps trader to identify potential support and resistence zone, buyers/seller acceleration and absorption.
This indicator is fully customisable since you can disply Total Volume, Delta Volume or Bid/Ask Split Volume. You can also color background and text based on several condition such as Delta or Imbalance with automatic or user defined filter.


Build long-term continuos chart with automatic contracts merging. VolSys automatically merges multiple futures contract, allowing user to build back adjusted chart.


Confluence identifier is a powerful indicator which provides support and resistence area.
This indicators combine Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Composite Profile, Zig-Zag Swing and Fibonacci retracements providing macro and micro levels of Supply and Demand.


Correlation Viewer is an innovative indicator that allows you to correlate the sample market, with as many tools as you want, in a single histogram chart that allows an instantaneous view of the various correlations. It is possible to select different Time Frames in order to have a complete picture from the short, to the medium, up to the long term.


VolSys , allow traders to connect in the same instance to multiple data sources and multiple brokers simultaneously. This allows you to trade, choosing based on the market that is being traded to which broker interface.
In addition to trading from Smart Dom, it is also possible to trade directly from the chart with OCO strategy,which allows to break position in small pieces and close them at different prices.

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