ADVANCED Time & Sale

Starting from late 2009, you almost never see the real size of the executed orders in the ordinary NinjaTrader or Sierra Chart tape (Time and Sales). Almost every (especially large) market order is broken into small pieces. For example, a 200 lots market order can be displayed in your ordinary tape in many individual prints. Since 2009 tape reading became very complicated, making conventional tape much less useful.
Our version of tape (Advanced T & S), combines individual prints back together (the way it used to be before 2009) so that you can easily see the actual market orders to their full extent. There are also filters available in the Advanved T&S so you easily sense what the bigger/smaller traders are doing at the moment

It is also possible to enable two filter levels, with relative sound alarms.

Also the Advanved T&S is capable of displaying some other essential information including Iceberg Orders and Quantity Order entered associated at the trades executed.


Volbook offers an innovative way to view the depth of the market. Each price level changes color based on the amount of limit order placed at that price, helping traders to identify support and resistence book zone.

This is an innovative way because you can identify historical and real-time orders block without watching number as in a standard book.

VolBook supports also Full Depth where it is available, so it is possible to see about 150 levels.


Identify volume acceleration or big trades thanks to Volume Bubbles indicator. This indicator is fully customisable in terms of colors, filters, grouping mode and so on.


Volume profile is one of the most important indicator in volume analysis. VolBook offers the possibilty to see two different profile periods: Visible and Daily.
Each profile can be plotted as Total Volume, Delta Volume or both.

Chart DOM

To help scalp traders we have thought a tool, called Chart Dom. which allows traders to insert orders in a very fast way.

Chart Dom allows traders to place limit order (left mouse click) and market order (right mouse click) with only one click.

VolBook also supports Oco Order Strategy, in which way you can break your position in small pieces, putting multiple stop and target orders.

Iceberg and Stops

Thanks to MBO, VolBook can recognize executed iceberg and stop orders in the market, highlighting interesting moments.

Iceberg orders are native iceberg and they are available on CME Group with Rithmic data feed, while in the italian stock market we have developed an algorithm in order to detect them with VolRT.

Stop orders are not native because the market doesn’t send that kind of informations, but they are detected thanks an algorithm.

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