Is it possible to try the plaform?

  • We don’t offer free trial as company policy because the prices included support on first installation and first configuration

Is data feed included in the platforms?

  • Data feed is not included on the platform, please look at our page in order to get more info………………. The data fee are the followings:
    • Free for italian market (MTA,MOT and IDEM)
    • 3$ Bundle CME Level 1
    • 30$ Bundle CME Level 2
    • 20€ Eurex with Level 2

What payment methods are supproted?

  • Direct bank transfer or credit card/paypal account selecting paypal method

Is it possible to get a free trial of data feed?

  • Please contact us through Contact page

Have you got a manual?

  • Inside the customer account’s page, there are about 8 hours of video tutorial, where we expalin how to use platform for the technical side, namely: open a chart, insert indicator and so on. We also have weekly scheduled meeting, where our customers can ask question on live Zoom

Is the assistance inclued on the price?

  • There are some link inside the plaform, where you can access the following meetings:
    • Technical Assistance, Tuesday 15:00-17:00.
    • Installation support: Saturday 10:00-12:00.
  • Customers can also contact us through phone call or mail

What are the differences between VolSys® and VolBook®?

  • Please look a our product’ s page or watch our youtube channel “Volumetrica Trading”

What instruments are available with MT5?

  • Usually the following futures:
    • Stock Index like DAX, STOXX, ES or NQ
    • Bond like BUND or BTP
    • Various like CL or NG

Is it possible to use every broker which supports MT5?

  • In order to use the MT5, the CFD price must be the same of the future

What is VolAnalzer plugin?

How much does VolAnalyzer cost?

  • VolAnalyzer costs 35€ + vat per month and you can purchase at least 3 months

How can I buy VolAnalyzer?

  • Please contact us through Contact page