Volumes are finally arrived on the MetaTrader (MT4-MT5) thanks to VLeve, a new add-on developed by Volumetrica Trading.

The suite allows traders to identify the areas of greatest volumetric interest deriving from the Volume profile such as Value Area, VWAP and POC


Why volume analysis on trading?

Although technical analysis and price action analysis remain essential in observing the market, it is now impossible not to combine price with volumes as the price moves in search of liquidity and the liquidity is highlighted by the volumetric areas of interest in which transactions can be executed.

One of the most important indicators of the volumetric analysis is the Volume profile, the gaussian representation of market exchanges, which highlights the major areas of interest such as POC (control point), PEAK / HVN (volume peaks), VWAP ( Weighted average on volumes) and Value Area.


Why are not we talking about time frames?

With classic oscillators , the choice of the candle time frame base is decisive on their calculation because they are statistical indicators and precisely by varying the sample, the result also varies. While, on the other hand, when we plot a Volume profile, we don’t speak about time frames, but to which time period we are referring to. The three most used types of time frame base are:

  • Daily, collection of today’s session trades
  • Weekly, collection of weekly session trades
  • Composite, longer-term analysis with a profile that collects in this case the last 40 trading days

What indicator’s suite displays?

The VLevel is mainly composed of two components, a general dashboard, where the available tools are collected with an immediate representation of the main and most useful information, and an indicator that allows traders to view on the chart the most important volume levels of the single instrument.

In the dashboard there is a particular column, "VOL 10D", which dynamically makes a comparison with the volumes of today's session with those passed in such a way as to highlight any increases / decreases in interest on an instrument, an information which linked to its price trend could be very important for an operational decision.

The indicator, as anticipated before, displays the following levels for the daily and weekly profiles:

  • POC, point of highest traded volume
  • VWAP, volume weighted average price
  • Value Area, area where the most buyinh and selling volume took place
Furthermore, for the composite, the volume peaks, also called HVN, have been added, because as it can be hypothesized in the long term, the price creates more than one distribution and each distribution has its own POC which is called HVN.


What symbols are available?

The main international futures are available within the suite and are compatible with any broker that supports MT4 or MT5, in particular there are:

  • Aud/Usd (6A)
  • Gbp/Usd (6B)
  • Eur/Usd( 6E)
  • Nzd/Usd (6N)
  • Crude Oil (CL)
  • Gold (GC)
  • Dax/Ger30 (FDAX)
  • UsaInd (YM)
  • Bitcoin (BTC)

Add-on developed with Fabio La Rosa that we thanks for the support provided us in order to integrate volume on MetaTrader


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